• 1981-1986 Faculty of Culturology, Department for Conservation and Restoration of Fine Art
  • 1983-1984 Field work with the teams of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia
  • 1984 Study visit to the National Museum Belgrade (with Professor M. Medić)
  • 1985 Study visit to the Restoration Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana, Slovenia (with Professor F. Kokalj)
  • 1985 Study visit to Pracownie Konserwacii Zabytkow Oddzial w Sczecinie
  • 1986 Graduated from Faculty of Culturology Cetinje, Montenegro, majoring in conservation and restoration of easel painting (Professor Mihailo Jovićević)
  • 1989 Specialization at Atelier de Restauration et Conservation d’Object d’Art – ARCOA, Paris, France
  • 1990 Study visit to Université de Paris1 – Pantheon Sorbonne, MST Conservation et Restauration des Biens Cultureles, Paris, France
  • 1990-1992 Postgraduate study at the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1992 MA from Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana, Slovenia, subject: Technologies in Fine Art (mentors: Professor Franc Curk, PhD and Professor Vida Hudoklin, PhD)
  • 1986 - current Assistant, assistant professor and finally associate professor at the Faculty of Culturology and the Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje, Montenegro

Since 1983, Natasa Djurovic has been actively involved with conservation and restoration of fine art, especially the area of easel painting. She has restored and conserved the paintings of some of the most prominent 20th century Montenegrin artists: Petar Lubarda, Jovan Zonjic, Milos Vuskovic, Filo Filipovic. She has also repaired and conserved several dozens of paintings and icons from 18th, 19th and 20th centuries among which are the works of Vlaho Bukovac, two paintings by Anastas Bocaric - the property of the National Museum of Montenegro, an Italian baroque painting, Greek and Russian icon paintings from 18th and 19th centuries, a painting by F. Ziegler from 1896, five icons on canvas by Marko Vujovic, end of 19th century icon master from Cetinje, paintings by Petar Omcikus, E. de Kermader, M. Sokolov, M. Maskareli (20th c.) and others.

Natasa Djurovic was part of the team which did the restoration and conservation of the iconostasis of the Ravanica Monastery, the Orthodox Cathedral in Kraljevo, Orthodox Cathedral in Uzice, the wall painting of the Stične Monastery, Slovenia, the Relief of Montenegro, the paintings on canvas at Chapelle du Jesuites, Chambrai, France, etc.

Repair and conservation treatment of the Vlaho Bukovac painting A Montenegrin with a Shotgun from 1883.

Before the treatment Damaged detail Cleaning tests Detail after the treatment
Cross Section of Paint Sample X ray After the treatment

The repair and conservation treatment of the icon ”Mother of God with Christ” by Marko Vujović from early 20th c.

Icon in the early stage of treatment – fixing the painted layer Detail after the lining and cleaning Icon after the putty treatment Icon after the retouch and reconstruction

The repair and conservation treatment of the F. Ziegler's painting A Portrait of a Montenegrin Serdar from 1896.

Before the treatment The back of the painting A detail before the treatment After the treatment

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